Destroy an entire buildings complex using ninja techniques


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Sabotime is a game inspired by classic arcade games where you play a ninja whose aim is to destroy a bunch of buildings and fly a helicopter with the help of no more than his shurikens and jumping, fighting, and agility skills.

The game is not divided into levels, nor do you have a set amount of time to achieve your aims. You just have to move through the different rooms and locations nonstop, day and night, and with just one life. If you die, you start all over again from zero. So make sure you aim well at your targets and kill your enemies before they kill you.

Though it might seem simple at first, Sabotime puts your skills to the test with tasks that are essential for making it to the end successfully. You have to find eight floppy disks, ten keys, and some plasma cubes that let you make your way through Japanese homes, underground caves, forests, labs, and factories. In all of them you'll find enemies that attack you instantly. Throw your shurikens and win at Sabotime like a proper ninja.
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